Our Story

Founded in 2014, the TQGOLD brand started from the idea that work shoes shouldn’t look dull or boring just because they have safety and protective features. While there may be other manufacturers and creators of safety shoes around the world, we wanted to offer something different. We want to offer our customers the possibility of looking good and feeling safe at the same time.  Thus, through hard work, dedication, and creativity, TQGOLD was born.

At present, TQGOLD safety shoes are being distributed to more than 10 countries across the globe, with the USA and European Union as our primary markets. Our goal is to expand our reach and make known that our products are designed to cater to the safety and comfort needs of professionals working in industries where workplace hazard is common, such as in the transportation, construction, oil and gas, and healthcare industries among others.

Our Mission

AT TQGOLD, our mission is to provide an extensive selection of safety shoes for a variety of working environments, combining safety, functionality, and style. We ensure that all our products offer maximum safety, strong surface grip, excellent shock resistance, extreme comfort to the feet, and a unique style that make them stand out.

As a company that manufactures safety shoes, we aim to bring protection, comfort, and style to our customers.

Why Choose Our Safety Shoes?

SAFE AND STURDY: For each of our footwear, we use Kevlar® textile material that protects your feet from punctures and cuts. Durable and built to last, our safety shoes are water- and oil-resistant, and can withstand 200J of impact and 15000N of pressure.


BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Made from lightweight materials, our safety shoes are not tiring to wear even during long work shifts. They also feature moisture-wicking mesh lining that not only enables maximum airflow, but also prevents stinky and sweaty feet.


FASHIONABLE AND STYLISH: Our safety shoes come in various designs, styles, and colors. Choose any pair according to your size and preference, and those that will match your work attire.